Wine Bottle Sconce DIY Tutorial

Wine bottle Sconces that hold decorative flowers can easily and affordably be made. All you need it to take a trip to Lowes to pick up the right hardware and some wood. Cost is under $10 to make, well minus the wine bottle. As the bottle price will depend on how expensive your wine taste is 😉

I suggest checking online before going to the store to see if your Lowes carries the parts. The closest Lowes to me does not have the plumbing parts. So I did the next best thing I went online to locate a store that did. Best thing is Lowes online tells you what isle and bay they are located in the store, makes it super easy to find.

So what do you need?


  • Wood 8"x 1"x 8" wide board Cut down to 20" long pieces. you'll need 2

  • 3/8" Ceiling Flange

  • 3/8" Pipe Clamp

  • 3/8" Threaded rod

  • Screws

  • Stain or Paint


  • Saw (table saw or have the store cut your boards for you)

  • Drill and Bits

  • Paint bush

  • Rag if Staining

  • Hammer (texture hammer if you have one)

  • Chisel

  • Sander

  • hack saw

Once you have your boards cut to length you will then texture/distress them. To do this you will beat on the boards with a textured hammer or regular hammer. You can use a screw and hammer it sideways to give a different texture. I also some time use different metal objects to beat into the wood to give random textures. You can take a chisel to the edge to remove chunks from the edge. Once you have distressed the boards to your licking. You will then take your sander ( mouse sander or orbital sander) and sand down the boards so that there are not prickly spots where you could get a sliver from.

After you have sanded the boards you will then apply your stain using a paint brush I like to use ones that are disposable if I am using a Oil based stain. If water based you can wash and reuse them easier. After applying the stain you will then wipe down the boards removing the excess stain from the boards. Then let them dry.

while waiting on them drying you can cut down the threaded rod you bought to the length you want the bottles held out from the wall. I do mine at about 3" long. I then screw the rod to both the ceiling flange and the pipe clamp. Next you will attach the bottle holder to the board with some wood screws.

Now comes the fun part you gotta buy some wine and drink it till they are empty! or you can ask some friends if they have any empty bottles you can have, thats what i did. Then you will open the pipe clamps and attache the bottles.

Hang them on the wall and add some flowers, grass, or greenery for decor.

Sit back and Enjoy your creation!

Now if you do not want to make them yourself, feel free to check out my store online or ask me about making some custom Sconces for your home.

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