Tic Tac Toe

Who doesn't love a good game! This is a classic game I am pretty sure everyone has played at one time. Amazingly I had just the right amount of scrap wood to create this beauty for my family to play with. We can sit by the fire and have a fun lil game of Tic Tac Toe!

To create this game you will need the following

  • 2"x 4" Cut down to nine 4" x 4" x2" squares

  • a piece of plywood

  • and 2"x2" for the side


  • Table saw

  • Miter saw ( you can use the table saw for the entire project if you wish)

  • Brad Nail gun

  • Mouse or circular Sander

First cut your nine squares for the game pieces. Then sand them to get all the rough edges smooth. Lay them out on your ply wood to measure out the size you need or the frame/board/piece holder. Cut this square with he table saw. then Cut the 2"x 2" frame pieces to fit around the bottom. sand all frame pieces.

Next Assemble the frame around the plywood bottom using the brad nail gun to attach each piece.

Next you will stain all your pieces. After the Stain dries you will use a Cricut to design and cut 9 stencils of two different designs. Each block will have both designs on opposite sides. You will apply the stencil you created to the blocks and then use a chalk paint to paint the design on it.

Once you have all the blocks painted grab a partner and play a Game!

Enjoy the memories and fun nights with family game night!

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