Mountains from scrap wood

I had some Scrap 2" x 10" pieces of wood left over from another project. I made some decorative Mountains with. This is a pretty easy project. It requires a few tools Stain and paint.

Tools I used:

  • Table saw

  • Mouse sander

  • Paint brush


  • Wood

  • Paint

  • Stain

I cut my mountains/triangle on the table saw. These particular mountains I cut at a 75 Degree angle. be careful doing this as the table saw can kick back. Always use a push stick. I cut 6 triangles at various sizes.

Next I sanded down all edges of each one using a mouse sander.

After i was done sanding I then applied my stain and waited for it to dry. Next I applied painters tape and stencils in which I cut with a Cricut machine. After covering all the pieces with the tape and stencils. Next I got out the chalk paint and painted my designs on each mountain.

These are really simple and cute to create. You could do trees or mountains with the same concept and designs. Would be super adorable in a nursery/child's room or if you are like me and just like the simple decor. They can sit on a entry table or mantel.

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