Mountain shelf

Another project brought to you made entirely out of scrap wood! Yes, I know I have allot of scrap wood! I had some cut off ends from a glue up that was a pallet wood butcher block piece. That is what the shelf is mad from, a bunch of glued pallet planks.

The mountain is made from a scrap piece of plywood. I first used my Speed square to draw the mountains on to the plywood. I next used the table say to cut the angles and excess wood to form the mountain's.

Next I cut down the shelf as it was one long glued up bunch of planks to create the two shelf bottoms. Once cut I sanded everything to get rid of the rough edges. Then I applied wood glue to the back side of the shelf and used my 18 Gage Ryobi Finish nail gun.

Then I stained and painted the mountain peeks. after stain and paint was dry it was time to add the hardware so I could hang them on the wall.

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