Market Fresh Produce Baskets


  • 1 wood plank

  • 3 baskets (I got my baskets for $2.88 a piece at Wal-Mart)

  • 3 hooks

  • 6 screws

  • Stain


  • Hammer

  • texture hammer

  • Drill with bit


  • Fruit

  • Veggies

Take your hammer and texture hammer and ad some distressing and beat on the wood. It's fun trust me, its also a great stress reliever.

After you have applied the amount of texture/distressing you wish to your board you will Stain the board. After your stain is dry Center your hooks down the board and attach them with the screws. Next you can hang your baskets.

Enjoy, you can remove and re-hang each basket to refill them with your fresh produce!

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