Business cards, Tablet, Pen, Pencil holder

Made from one piece of scrap wood!

I have been trying to find uses for all the crazy amounts of scrap wood I have in the garage. I found this piece of wood that was a 3"x 4"x 9 1/2. I then decided to make a desk tablet, pen, pencil, business card holder. This fits my Fire tablet quit well either portrait or landscape. In order to create this piece I had to use a few different tools.

Tools used:

  • Table router

  • Drill

  • Table saw

  • Hand sander

The first thing I did is routed out the slot for the tablet using a round nosed routing bit. I ran this a couple times through to get the depth I wanted for the tablet to fit. I next noticed that I did not want the tablet to sit straight up and down. So I took the block of wood to the table saw and set it as a 15 degree angle to take off a little bit of the back of the grove for the tablet.

Next I took it back to the routing table and routed out a section for the business cards to sit in. after that I used my drill and drilled three holes so that one could put pencils and pens in it. Next came the sanding, I am not a fan of sanding, its a tedious job.

Once sanding was done I stained it then added a white paint in all the groves and holes to give it a contrast in color and make it more decorative and fun.

Fun lil fact I couldn't find any of my business cards. Who's on the business card in my holder? Its one of my favorite Real Estate Agent in Gwinnett county area Isaac Crawford. Heis teamed up with his Amazing wife Aison who happens to be the other half of a couples team. I highly recommend both Alison and Isaac Crawford If you are looking to sell or buy a home in GA.

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