Desks for Kids is a way to help kids get a desk for digital learning . The idea came to me during this awful Covid-19 time. I was building a desk for my own son for his school space at home. I then realized how inexpensive I could build a desk. 


 I then reached out via Facebook groups and the Nextdoor app to see if anyone was interested or in need of Desk for kids. Within 24 hours I had people who wanted to donate to the cause,  requests started coming in to help and for need of a desk for their child. Our communities kids need there own space to learn at home for their Digital learning and not all can afford to buy a desk. So Desk for kids is born!

 Currently me and my sons will be building these desks and getting them out to the children in the community. The way it works is I have designed a affordable desk from materials that can be bought at any hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot. I provide my design, carpentry skills, and my labor time to build the desks. People from the community are provided Donations to purchase the materials. As Donations come in we will build the desks . All donations go directly back into building more desks. Once we have the funds to purchase materials we then build a desk.  We will then contact one of the individuals who have let us know they need one. 

​If you can afford a desk and donate a desk this would be wonderful Desks are made at the cost of materials. If you can not afford a desk email me and we will ad you to the list. When someone donates the funds or materials I will contact you once the desk is complete.

I have created a set of plans which are provided below to download so other can help build the desks for our community and others. I currently have a hand drawn set but they need to be created on a digital platform that are easier to read. if anyone knows a cad program or Sketch up that can easily help me out with this that would be helpful. 

We love helping our community these kids deserve to learn in their own positive learning space. Please understand this project is based completely on Donations. If we do not have the donations we can not build the desks, so please help if you can.

 Also understand I do have a full time job and that comes first.  I do have to make sure my family is also taken care of. I have to be sure that I am not over exerting myself as my job is to transport our communities children to and from school safely. I also realize our School District has already started, so the need for these desks is now. My spare time and skill is going to be making these desks to help them.  Our goal is to get 100 desks out to kids if we can do more we will!

Remember we can make a difference together for our children's educational experience even during a pandemic! 


The Desk

How big is the desk?

48 inches wide by 24 inches - Large desk

36 inches wide by 20 inches - Small

Whats it made of?

It is made from your standard 2x4's, a already glued pine top and a couple decorative braces on the legs that are 1.5" x 1.5"

What is the total material cost for a desk?

Between $45 and $55 depending on size and if you want it painted and stained.

How long does it take to build a desk?

It takes me a bout a hour and a half  then if It needs paint it can take at least a day to complete. Paint takes forever to dry.  Have no fear tho I can make multiple desks at once if I have the materials, so please donate if you can.

Can I donate materials?

Yes, you certainly can. Please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. topical response time may very depending on my schedule as I am also a School bus driver. I try to respond to a email with in 24hrs.

Who can get a desk?

anyone who needs one. I am trying to help as many people as I can. However families with kids in school are priority. If you are in need of one and it for yourself and not a student contact me and let me know.  Typically a desk like this including labor cost runs about $75.

I don't need a desk but i want to help.

This make my heart melt! Currently I can accept donations through Paypal or Facebook, please scroll down to the bottom for buttons and options to donate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart these kids need a desk.

I don't live near Snellville, GA how can I get one?

Currently we are only making the desks for my local area. I am however working on a set of plans that will allow you to build one. Or maybe someone in your community would love to start helping out by building desks too. As soon as I get the plans drawn up available they will be posted.


How can I donate?

Click on one of the donate button either Send a donation through Venmo @justaminorproject , Paypal, or Facebook.

Download The DIY Plans

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