About Us

Want to Create something beautiful to share in your home or gift. Maybe we can help!

A little bit about me the creator of Just A Minor Project! I am a Mom, Photographer and Carpenter I have the skills to do just about anything. I have a love of building and creating beautiful thing than helping and teaching others to do the same. It may be something they never thought they could do, but I am here to help change that.

By day I work as a School Bus Manager. In the past, I have been roofer, mechanic, carpenter and sheet metal fabricator. During the Summer months and in between bus routes I do HandyWoman work which can be in many forms (Hanging Gypsum board {sheetrock}, Mud and tape, cabinet refinishing, Framing mirrors, Installing a Ceiling fan, Fixing a leaky toilet, painting). Whatever needs fixed or done I'm the woman to get the job done!


Some say

"I am a Jack of all trades!"

​Just A Minor Project's name stems from a combination of incorporating my last name 'Minor" and my love of projects! I have a love to build and fix anything with my hands.  Then came the website and Facebook Page you see here that allows me a way to share/tech and design/create wooden furniture and decor.

Think it, Create it, Build it, Craft it, Paint it, Fix It, Teach it, and  Share it!

​What we do here is a little bit of everything, we think of something to build design it and then create it, share it than teach others how to make it. Maybe you need or want a custom piece built for your home, we can help. 

​I am self taught  and love to help others and share my knowledge!

My ultimate dream would be to Share my knowledge and empower and teach women, teens and children that they can do anything their heart desires. If they want to learn a tool or how to build something I want to show them they can.  That they can earn a living wage working in a trade if one desires too. Trades are not just for the men they are for everyone.  You don't have to go into debt and go to collage you can go into a trade and learn how to build or fix things. 

Do you want to learn how create and build?  Do you want to learn to use a tool safely and be empowered that you can do it too. I can help!

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